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Mestizo Catering Consultancy

Mestizo Catering Consultancy was launched in August 2005 from identifying a market niche to provide truly affordable and ethically focused  support services to small independent catering businesses. Formed by its Director, Dave Westwood, Mestizo has expanded, developed and evolved whilst still maintaining a distinct focus within the catering sector.

We always take pride in providing a professional and effective service, and all our consultancy and staffing services are designed specifically to meet our client’s needs and help their businesses operate and grow to their full potential.

This is carried out by a team of highly experienced and highly qualified chef consultant members.

The business has grown, now consisting of 14 members, we may be small but our members have a combined 390 years of professional hospitality experience in all areas of your business.

Mestizo Fine Dining in London is the most competitive consulting and staffing business, not only financially, but "by the way that we operate", providing a completely unique service taken from decades of personal and professional experience in the sector.

We maintain consistently low over heads as we are all completely mobile, so you will never be paying for fancy offices or expensive cars.

We are a 100% ethically run business.