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We Need To Talk!

To my dearest potential clients,

After identifying a real desire for affordable, professional help within the hospitality sector from Start-Up businesses and SME`s, Mestizo Consultancy was launched....

We have now helped, quite literally hundreds of businesses to grow and prosper in one way or another, this is only possible through the efforts of a team of Highly Experienced, Highly Qualified and Highly Organised Consultant Members, allow me to emphasize the "Organised"!

The only reason this is possible is because we have all had the "Disiplines" drilled into us through our Chef Training, but also with our Business Education and Experience.

Because of this, we are a well oiled machine and "Disiplines" have also had to be applied to the Consultation process in the same way that a "Model" is applied to Business.

One of these "Disiplines" is vital, and that is "Preparation", without it we are lost.

Many moons ago during my training, I remember my Head Chef had made a white banner with red writing on it and stuck it above the pass, it read, "Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail", many of you reading will be very familiar with this expression and will now fully understand what `Chef` was trying to teach you, many will not.

Unfortunately we need to focus on the latter, which is why we need to talk....

My team and I do a great deal of traveling and make considerable financial sacrifices to make sure that

we can give you the best possible service without passing these costs onto you, our clients, and, in return we only ask that you prepare in a way that not only the "Disiplines" dictate, but in a way that enables us to give the best, most efficient and cost effective service.

This is why we give you a whole two hours of our time completely free to disguss your business needs and goals, however, just recently we have noticed a desire to try and "skip the details" ; Please understand, that it is "Vitally" important that we have a "Complete Picture" of your Business from inception to present!!

Without this information we are completely disarmed, it also comes at great cost to us, as we have had to return to venues on more than one occasion now because of a lack of preparation.

We can no longer absorb these unnecessary business costs;  Please, help us to help you, by preparing and providing the information requested, "Ready"  for your initial free two hours.

Unfortunately, if this "detail skipping" becomes a trend we will be forced to either start charging on our return or "write off" the consultation altogether.

We DO NOT want to do this, as this will damage the "Ethical Business Model" and "Values" upon which this business was founded.

We are here to help you, not use you as cash cows.

"By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail"

"Benjamin Franklin"

Success and Respect to you all.

Dave Westwood - Executive Consultant Director.




Card Payment Facility !

Card Payment Processing

Great news!  We have now found a more ethical card payment processing provider!

N.B.   We do still process cash and accept bank transfers.



Ethical Banking Services !

Broken Link

Our appologies to anyone trying to access our ethical banking partner, they are presently having some technical issues and have assured us that this will be repaired shortly.

Should you have any queries or concerns, Mike Grimsdale is your point of contact.


Meanwhile we welcome communication from any interested ethical  financial institution that wishes to offer their services to our clients.



Energy Efficiency Audits !

New Energy Suppliers

We now have an improved list of energy providers on board with us to help you bring down those ever increasing gas & electric bills, think your paying too much for your energy?

Give us a call for a free initial consultation.