Our Business Ethics

Mestizo Catering Consultancy Firm Environmental

Mestizo is a Totally Ethical and Unique concept that is separated from Cross-Sector Markets that are Saturated with Poor Quality, Choice and Value.

All of Mestizo’s products will be completely unique and hand crafted.

All of the ingredients used will be seasonal, organic, home-made, home-grown and locally sourced where possible.

None of Mestizo’s products will be artificially enhanced.

All the breads will be made by us or our approved artisan baker.

All meats will be completely free range, organic and sourced from our specialist approved butchers.

All our packaging will be made from 100% recycled and bio- degradable material.

All our marketing and advertising leaflets will be printed on 100% bio-degradable paper by our approved


All our fruit and vegetables will be organic and sourced from one of our approved suppliers or farms.

All of Mestizo`s services will be ethically focused.

Mestizo Catering Consultancy Firm Ethical

Mestizo Will....

# Only promote or endorse ethically run independent traders and businesses.

#Always endeavour to educate the market in terms of good food and healthy living.

#Always educate the market with food related ecological issues and ethical business practices.

#Always strive for the highest standards of food safety management.

#Always set the standard as "True" “Investors In People”.

#Educate the market with up to date 

food related information.

#Support and promote trade with local independent businesses.

#Not employ unethical business practices or deceptive marketing strategies to create trade.

#Only create well paid employment opportunities that are always in line with the “True Cost Of Living”.

#Never utilise any unethical financial institution for its financial holdings.

# Always Pay a "Real Living Wage"