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" Every Week Between 150 And 200 Small Catering Businesses Fail Across The South of England Alone"!

Thinking of Starting a Catering Business?...

Maybe you`re already up and running!

Are your finances not where you`d like them ?

Not reaching your customers ?

Need help with branding?  

or even business planning?

We Specialize in Small Independent Business & Start-Up Operations to help and advise with those all important decisions that can mean the difference between success and failure.

With over 390 years of collective hospitality sector experience you can be sure that we keep on top of the most up-to-date ethical methods and practices.

With this experience we are best placed to give you advice and assistance in all areas of your business as well as being able to offer options and solutions.

We can assist in the operation procedure of any recommendations we put forward, our clients take advantage of this service with the understanding

that we will only recommend what we believe to be attainable and sustainable.


Professional Staff Hire

Mestizo catering Consultancy

With increasing demands on your time we know you would welcome assistance in specific areas. You may need a professional manager to cover a period of sickness or maternity or have a particular project that requires experienced advice and support.

We can offer specialist, highly experienced and qualified people on a flexible basis, providing intermediate and extended term solutions ranging from one day to full time.

Our team members are also fully experienced and qualified in all other areas of your business. This gives you control and assurance that the work will be carried out professionally.

 We are unlike "any recruitment agency or consultancy firm by the way that we operate" , no matter whether you require a staff member for one day or one year you will never be made to sign any deceptive contract,.... ever!

You will also never be over-charged for your consultancy services, Just one flat rate for that particular area of service and expertise, and the time it takes to achieve your goals.

Training & E-Learning

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

Customer service means providing a quality product or service that satisfies the desires and requirements of a customer to keep them coming back.

Yet good customer care means much more, it means continued success, increased profits, greater Job satisfaction, superior business confidence and effective teamwork which aim to bring the customer back to your business continually. Customer care mentoring will help your staff to develop your business profile and skill set so your customers have a high quality experience first time, every time. We offer training in:-

customer care, selling skills, food safety & hygiene, health & safety, food & wine. We offer in house training as well as our very popular virtual learning environment. The benefits of the virtual learning environment are especially admired by small business owners with limited staff as it solves the problem of people having to take time off work to study away. It’s also very popular with the learner who can now study at their own pace with online support in a very cost effective way, and all the courses are C.D.P. Certified.

Brand Building & Creation

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

“Results from research of 89,766 catering businesses registered in England showed that 78% of them

were using the same suppliers for their food and drink". These companies rely on huge marketing budgets, clever marketing strategy and lack of consumer knowledge to grow and maintain their business customer base”

The effect that is seen on the high street is a series of differently named catering establishments with "no real identity or quality of product or service". We can create a completely unique identity for your business thats sets you apart from the ever increasing "Cloned High Streets". Maybe your branding just needs refreshing or you might need help with new products and menu creation, if so we`ll have a solution to suit your needs.

Food Product Procurement

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

We can provide and install an independent and completely unique system designed to help you purchase the best fresh, organic and seasonal food produce or catering supply sundries at the best price continuously with little or no effort.

 This system has proven to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds! We only recommend suppliers that are aligned with our ethics and values.

In addition to this we regularly bench mark and market test provisions from our specially selected suppliers and provide this information to our clients. This is part of our commitment to your aftercare ensuring that you receive the best prices and ethically focused products and services continuously.

Card Payment Solutions


We are happy to welcome our new card payment processing  partners, they are pioneers in payment processing, on a typical day they process over 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions – that’s around 400 a second. They support 400,000 merchants in 126 currencies across 146 countries, offering over 300 payment methods. They are also a leader in payments in the UK, where they process approximately 42% of all transactions. They serve all types of businesses – big and small. You may interact with them several times a day, without realising it.

They are the trusted payment partner of some of the UK’s largest retailers, but also for hundreds of small and medium sized businesses in the UK including over 24,000 cafes and restaurants and more than 9,000 pubs.

Mestizo can help you to get set up with a specialist payment solution thats as unique as your business....     No hidden charges!

Contact us for more information, and say goodbye to the bank, the phoneline or the contract forever!

Simple & Flexible

"We can assist in the provision of plans from "1 month rolling pay as you go" through, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and Super Saver 60 month plan". 

"Pay As You Go Plan" - The perfect ethical solution for start up & small business operations" .


These plans are designed to not just give you great rates but also designed to look after you and your business needs that’s why they are called "flexi plans", if nessesary, you can change your plan every six months!

Energy Efficiency Audits

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

Even the smallest of catering businesses using both gas and electric face significantly eye watering bills, are you on the best tariff with the supplier best suited to your business and its needs? Are you using your energy and equipment to best effect? We like to ensure a company is paying as little as possible for it’s energy, bulk buying energy with larger businesses means the smaller business gains from a lower cost for its energy.

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

From corner shops to start ups, we support business growth ensuring overheads are kept to a minimum. We can provide you with an energy efficiency audit and assist in the provision of a more ethical and cheaper energy supplier for your business. If you`re unhappy with your fuel bills, give us a call, you could save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills and contribute to a cleaner environment for future generations.

Website Creation


The Importance Of A Business Website

Living in the digital world, a website is now a necessity for a business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing a number of great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. The Internet has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. We have found literally over 2 million small businesses with no website, costing them an average £180 billion each year!; Social media platforms are great and can be a powerful tool but can never showcase your business, its products and services in the same way as your own website with its own identity unique to you.  Introducing a website could equate to an average uplift in revenue of £70,000 per business. Small sized businesses stand to make the largest growth in revenue, thats an average £60 billion per year if they create a website. Mestizo can create a truly affordable, professional looking website with SSL certification for your business.

Cafe Who?

"The Internet has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising" - " We have found  over 2 million small businesses with no website!, introducing a website could equate to an average uplift in revenue of £70,000 per business."

"Small sized businesses stand to make the largest growth in revenue, thats an average £60 billion per year if they create a website"!.  

Interior Design

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

Creating An Experience

Cafe and Restaurant interiors have a major role in influencing the emotions of employees, and customers.

This makes its design one of the most important decisions a business can make when creating an identity.

It`s vitally important that you give some serious thought to your identity and how you want to project yourself to your target audience.

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

Material & Texture

While fast food joints with their almost cosy, utilitarian seating and fast background music are geared towards equally fast eating, fine dining restaurants and bespoke cafes are designed with unique and finer materials to help customers settle in and keep ordering from the menu. 

Mestizo Catering Consultancy


Mestizo can assist in the planning and design of your venue.

Whether its from scratch or a refurbishment project, we`ll have completely unique, cost effective options and solutions to meet your needs.

If you feel that you need some help and advise, give us a call !