Terms & Conditions Of Business

Signing this Document means that You Agree to the Terms And Conditions set out by Mestizo Fine Dining™®.

1 The Total Sum Requested on each Invoice/Receipt/Contract/Agreement will be a (Net) figure and will represent the Total Amount Owed By The "Signatory" And "ANY Or "Partnership".

"ANY Person Who Would Be "Identified" As A "Partner" "Silent or "Otherwise" MUST Be "Disclosed" And "Identified" BEFORE ANY Documentation Is Signed. Failure To Do So Will  Be Considered An "Act Of Fraud" and Prosecuted As Per The Law - "Obtaining Products and Services "By Deception". This Also Includes  ANY  ("Willful Omission Of Relevant Data") Related or Pertaining To The Terms and Conditions Of Business Set Out By "Mestizo Fine Dining". 

2 U.T.R. Information available "ONLY " if Self Employment Contract / Agreement has been signed.

3 Minimum Job/Hourly rate - (£12.50.) Twelve Pounds & Fifty Pence-Sterling (NET). C.P.I. R.P.I.  Linked - Non Negotiable. (Except In Consultation*.)

4 Client Trial/Employment/Contract/Agreement period - (1 Month Minimum - From Date/Signature).

“Unless Client/Employer fails to comply with the set requirements ). 

(See Definitions “6” and “7” ).

5 Should Employer/Client fail to complete the (Trial Period*) ALL Agreements/Contracts will be Terminated Without Notice and the Minimum Notice Period Including any Abortive Losses will become Payable in Full.

6 “Definitions” - “The Correct” , “Professional” and “Legal” running of a “Kitchen”, “Catering Establishment”, "Business" or “Any Other Thing”.

7 “Definitions” - “Illegal”, “Dangerous”  “Negligent” or "Fraudulent" Practices”, “Health & Safety”, “Food Safety”, “Failure to Provide Trained / Qualified

Staff” , “Properly Maintained Equipment”. (“The Food Act-1990”) (“Health & Safety at Work Act-1974”).

8 Minimum Payable notice required during any “Contract” period - One Month.-Unless under Temporary Staff Agreement.

9 Payments by "Cheque" OR "Credit Card" This Includes "Contactless" Payments for any Products and Services are NOT Accepted Under ANY Circumstances. (Only Payment/s By "Debit Card" , "Bank Transfer" and "Cash" are Permitted.)

10 NO Payments in Arrears are Permitted; All Payments for Products and Services will be paid for in Advance or as Provided.

11 All “Methods”, “Recipes”, “Menus”, “Products”, “Services”, “Logos”, “Text”, and “Trademarks” will remain solely the property of

“Mestizo Fine Dining” ™ ® and are protected under the Intellectual Property Rights owned by “Mestizo Fine Dining” ™ ®.

12 Any Unauthorized “Usage” or “Reproduction” will ALWAYS result in Prosecution.

13 Any Breach of Agreement/s will result in "Default" and Termination / Repossession of Products and Services provided and Includes any Abortive Losses.

14 Any “Illegal” or “Dangerous Practices” will be reported to the correct Authority and Result In Termination, Repossession and Include Abortive Losses.

15 “Credit-focus”™ ® Credit Searches will be performed; Including; Experian, Equifax, CallCredit, Crediva.

16 “Failure” or “Refusal” to sign and date any of the contract or invoice documents will result in H.M.R.C. being contacted and "The Employer" becoming Liable for;

Class 1, 2, & 4 N.I. Contributions or which ever Class is relevant; and the Current Rate of Income Tax/Termination of services and Abortive Losses Payable.

17 “Ad-Hoc” or “Temporary” Contracts / Agreements will be undertaken at an hourly rate of (£18.00.) (Eighteen Pounds Sterling*) Only.

“Temporary Staff Agreement Hourly Rate will be Eighteen Pounds*.

18 Failure to fully comply with “The Food Safety Act-1990” or “The Health & Safety at Work Act-1974” Will result in prosecution.

19 (Failure to comply with “The Working Time Regulations Act-1998”)* will result in Termination Of Services and Abortive Losses Payable.. (Unless exemption signed*).

20 N.B. There is a (5) Five Working Day Payment Requirement on ALL invoices unless otherwise stated*.

21 “ANY” Overdue payments will be covered under (“The Late Payment Of Commercial Debt Interest Act 1998”). Any Unpaid Outstanding Amounts Will Be Pursued Through High Court Enforcement.

22 ALL "Clients" /"Applicants" will be C.R.B. / D.B.S. / C.T.C. checked. (Counter Terrorist Check) (Enhanced Disclosure) (Disclosure & Barring Service).

23 Under Consultation a Fifty Percent Deposit is Required Before ANY Work Is Undertaken.

24 *Consultation Rate Will Be Seventy (£70:00.) Sterling Per Hour.

(Initial 2 Hour Consultation-(Free).

25 Consultation Services are covered Under a Our Professional Indemnity Insurance Up - To £50,000. (QBE Insurance LTD-Policy Number (00014677PIC).

26 Temporary Worker Services Are Covered By Our Public, Products & Liability Insurance Up-To £5,000,000. AXA Insurance UK PLC - Policy Number (AC TRM 4179121).

27 ANY "BREACH " or "DEVIATION " Under Contract/Agreement/Consultation will "VOID " any claim made against "Mestizo Fine Dining Catering Consultancy & Staffing Solutions" or ANY of its "Members".

28 Under Consultation, Mestizo Fine Dining will endeavor to help you in any way we can; However Mestizo Fine Dining Reserves the Right to Refuse Consultation if we do not believe we are "Able" or "Qualified" to assist; or if we believe that our

Business and Reputation would be Negatively Impacted by any Possible Future or Continued Consultation.

29 Mestizo Fine Dining takes every effort to select its "Partner/s" and or "Affiliate/s" very carefully, However Mestizo Fine Dining is in no way part or wholly responsible for the views, opinions and or behaviors of any third party affiliation, should any third party affiliate/s under agreement , fall short of our ethical standards and practices Mestizo Fine Dining reserves the right to terminate such an agreement without prior notice and includes payment in full of any abortive losses therein.  

Mestizo Fine Dining Reserves The Right To Change Or Update The Terms & Conditions Of Business At Any Time.