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Mestizo Catering Consultancy


Mestizo Catering Consultancy was launched after identifying a market niche to provide "truly affordable"  and "ethically focused"  support services to small independent catering businesses.
Part of Mestizo`s promise is to educate the market, not just in terms of ethical products and services but also ethical standards, business related environmental issues and ethical business practices.

This is something that has set Mestizo apart from the present paradigm and is the foundation of the business; we were all brought together by this foundation through our individual experiences and a collective understanding that there was something disastrously wrong with the present "business model" and the "practices therein".

If  we are going to be serious about real change and true progress, dramatic and immediate changes are not only needed in our individual thought processes, but in our whole society, business models and education systems.

We fear that should business owners not act accordingly in the face of these facts, the predicted, inevitable and

catastrophic crash of this Dickensian business model built on outrageous thievery, injustice and unsustainability alone will become harder for many organizations to withstand; as their greed has been so profound it will be near impossible for them to ease into a more ethical, fair and sustainable model.


What are we doing about it?....

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

#Mestizo provides "truly affordable"  ethically focused consultation and business support services to start-up & SME catering businesses.

# We "see"  the direct relationship  between pay, productivity, the working environment  and the health and wellbeing  of our members.

# We pay, campaign for and promote the payment of a "real living wage"  that "truly"  meets the cost of living in 2019 and beyond.

# We pay our Male and Female staff EXACTLY  the same rates and bonuses.

# We are promoting our "ethical business model", and have now rolled this out in many businesses with truly great results, this model has benefited the economy, the business, the employees and the wider communities.

# We work with numerous more ethically focused energy providers to offer cleaner, cheaper alternatives to your current providers, this not only brings down those bills but contributes to a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.

# We work with a financial institution to provide ethically focused business and personal banking solutions.

# We have a new card payment provider that offers an ethically focused solution and great rates to start-up business and SME`s.

# We are helping employers understand that the "most important" assets they have are their staff;  No staff, No business!

# We have BANNED  and NEVER  utilized "Zero Hour Contracts"  at Mestizo Catering Consultancy.

# Our members are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, as highly qualified, highly experienced dedicated people, without them this business would "not exist".

# No member of Mestizo working full or part time will "ever"  have to utilize food banks or what`s left of the welfare system.

# We campaign against and expose "Employer Apprenticeship Fraud".

# We contribute to high sectoral skills growth.

# We create opportunities for personal wealth creation.

# We contribute to a strong high wage no welfare economy.

# We have created lower, (yes lower) labor costs.

# We have contributed to, and created real social mobility for our members.

# We create environmental awareness and protections for future generations.

# We have "ZERO"  staff turnover.

# We have and will continue to help businesses grow to their full potential.

# We will continue to fight for workers rights and against work place abuses.

# We will continue to campaign against VAT disparity  and "stealth taxes"  for a fairer deal for small/catering business owners.

# We have policies that are updated regularly, communicated to our members and implemented across the business.

# Our consultant members are our most valuable asset  and this is made known to everyone within and outside the business.

# We take the time and effort to induct new members so that they feel a valued and integral part of the workforce from the beginning.

# We have a clearly defined package of rewards and incentives.

# We undertake continuous staff performance appraisals.

# Members are actively encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions to

shape the future of our business.

Mestizo Catering Consultancy

# We have an "acute"  awareness of the needs of the environment and incorporate this awareness in to our business decisions.

# We collect data and information on aspects of our business that affect the

environment and use it to reduce our environmental impact.

# We have waste management policies in place and they are adhered to throughout the firm and our clients.

# We substitute use of harmful chemicals in our business processes with safe alternatives.

# As we have dramatically limited the use of polluting vehicles in the business to almost zero, all future decisions are made based on zero emissions and energy efficiency.

# Our members are actively involved in our current corporate environmental scheme.

# We have a sense of responsibility to our local community and we give priority to sourcing our supplies locally and employing local people.

# We encourage staff/member engagement in community activities.

# We actively seek to develop partnerships with other organizations to address issues of concern such as the environment, social disadvantage, crime and disorder; we also monitor our supply chain activities for ethical, socially and environmentally responsible policies and actively seek alternative suppliers and partnerships where these policies are not in place or actioned.

# We register, monitor and resolve complaints from suppliers, distributer, customers and other business partners as quickly and efficiently as possible, though they are very, very rare, as our business model is based on a very strong ethical foundation that focuses on prevention rather than solution.

# The health and safety of our members, our clients and members of the public is of paramount importance.

# We have a full, updated health and safety management system in place that all our members understand and contribute to.

# We treat all our members equally, irrespective of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, nationality, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. We value diversity in our organization and have an equality policy.

# We have a clear process of ensuring feedback consultation with suppliers,

distributors and customers for continuous improvement and development of our goods and services.

# We ensure our suppliers and members are always paid within agreed terms.

# We believe our personal values and those of our employees affect our business and promote this in all our marketing.

# We believe that encouraging good business practices with other firms and customers is beneficial to the business, employee and wider community.

# All of Mestizo’s products will be completely unique and hand crafted.

# All of the ingredients used will be seasonal, organic, home-made, home-grown and locally sourced where possible.

# None of Mestizo’s products will be artificially enhanced.

# All the breads will be made by us or our approved artisan baker.

# All meats will be completely free range, organic and sourced from our specialist approved butchers.

# All our packaging will be made from 100% recycled and bio- degradable material.

# All our marketing and advertising leaflets will be printed on 100% bio-degradable paper by our approved


# All our fruit and vegetables will be organic and sourced from one of our approved suppliers or farms.

# All of Mestizo`s services will be ethically focused.

# Only promote or endorse "ethically run"  traders and businesses.

#Always endeavor to educate the market in terms of good food and healthy living.

#Always educate the market with food related ecological issues and ethical business practices.

#Always strive for the highest standards of food safety management.

#Always set the standard as True "Investors In People”.

#Not employ unethical business practices or deceptive marketing strategies to create trade.

#Never utilize any unethical financial institution for its financial holdings.

"Abraham Lincoln"

 “In my judgment such of us who have never fallen victims have been spared more by the absence of appetite than from any mental or moral superiority over those who have".

"People give up power by believing they don't have any",

the "business" model of collectivism is always more powerful & profitable than one fueled by greed & selfishness"

....So, what are YOU doing about it?